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Crochet Corner to Corner Graphghan based on the Kingkiller Chronicle Trilogy.  Week 3 - Caesura

Welcome back to week 3 of the Kingkiller inspired Graphghan.  Today I bring you probably my most favorite square so far!  It was quick and easy and fun!  Caesura!

If you are looking for a quick video of a basic tutorial on C2C squares check out my first week, Auri's Gear:

This pattern may be messy and has only been tested by me, so if anything is confusing, feel free to ask or help correct my pattern! Thanks, Natasha (mnopxs2).

*Yarn 4 ply Medium Worsted Weight in the following colors:
Medium Blue (Background) I used Lion Brand Vanna's Choice in Colonial Blue (almost 2 Skeins)
Gold (Bits of the Hilt) I used Lion Brand Vanna's Choice in Mustard (Less than 1 Skein)
Silver (Blade of Sword) I used Loops and Threads Impeccable in Pale Grey (Less than 1 Skein)
Burgundy (Grip of the Sword) I used Loops and Threads Impeccable in Burgundy (Less than 1 Skein)

*Size H-8/5mm Size (or for those who crochet tight like me… I-9/5.5mm crochet hook).  Or whatever size is needed to get the right gauge.
Gauge: 4 blocks = 3 Inches 
Square size: 18 inches, Finished blanket 54x54inches (4.5ftx45ft)

*Yarn Needle
*Plastic Clothes Pins as bobbins (optional)
*Print out this page or gear image and a pen (optional)

ch = chain stitch
ch sp = chain space
DC = double crochet
sl st = slip stitch
MB = Medium Blue
G = Gold 
S = Silver
B = Burgundy (Not to be confused with Medium Brown of previous pattern)

-ROWS 1-25  Each Row begins with an increase block:  ch 6, DC in 4th ch from hook, DC in remaining 2 chs.  
Any blocks after: sl st into the ch sp, ch 3, 3 DC into same ch sp.

R1: 1MB (This row contains 1 block in Medium Blue, turn and continue onto 2nd row)
R2: 2MB
R3: 3MB
R4: 4MB
R5: 5MB
R6: 6MB
R7: 7MB
R8: 8MB
R9: 9MB
R10: 10MB
R11: 11MB
R12: 12MB
R13: 13MB
R14: 14MB
R15: 15MB
R16: 16MB
R17: 17MB
R18: 18MB
R19: 14MB, 1G, 4MB
R20: 5MB, 1G, 14MB
R21: 15MB, 1G, 5MB
R22: 5MB, 1G, 16MB
R23: 16MB, 1G, 4MB, 1G, 1MB
R24: 1MB, 2G, 4B, 1G, 15S, 1MB
R25: 1MB, 15S, 2G, 4B, 2G, 1MB

-ROWS 26-49 Each row begins by decreasing 1 block.  Sl st across the top DCs and into the ch sp at the end of the last block from previous row, ch 3, 3 DC in same ch sp.  
Any blocks after: sl st into the ch sp, ch 3, 3 DC into same ch sp.

R26: 1MB, 2G, 4B, 1G, 15S, 1MB
R27: 16MB, 1G, 4MB, 1G, 1MB
R28: 5MB, 1G, 16MB
R29: 15MB, 1G, 5MB
R30: 20MB
R31: 19MB
R32: 18MB
R33: 17MB
R34: 16MB
R35: 15MB
R36: 14MB
R37: 13MB
R38: 12MB
R39: 11MB
R40: 10MB
R41: 9MB
R42: 8MB
R43: 7MB
R44: 6MB
R45: 5MB
R46: 4MB
R47: 3MB
R48: 2MB
R49: 1MB

Finish off your square :)

Stay tuned next week for the next square in my Kingkiller Chronicle inspired Graphghan!  Thank you so so so much for reading my pattern!  Hope your project turns out wonderful!  -Natasha (mnopxs2).

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